About Us

We live in a world increasingly dependent on computers and information technology. From recreation to home office and business areas, they are employed in nearly every facet of our lives.

For this reason, it is paramount that we can depend on our technology to be reliable, and that we can trust and depend on those who provide and maintain such technology.

Bonneville Informatics is an information technology and computer science firm based in Idaho Falls, ID. We specialize in providing software and hardware solutions for personal, business, or other needs. Our range of specialty ranges from building and setting up servers and networking equipment to customized software to provide a solution.

We operate on a philosophy that the user knows best. We seek for our customers to gain independence from worrying about technology and software needs. All of our software solutions are open-source, and we do not charge any licensing fees. We do not employ any "vendor lock-in" techniques that would make you more dependent on our solutions.